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    Angie - 01/Blonde

    Hair Type: Futura 
    Lace: Yes 
    Part: Free Part / 13 x 3.75
    Fiber Texture: Silky
    Density: 125 %
    Combs: Yes
    Heat Resistant: Yes
    Length: 24"
    Extended Band: Yes
    Color: Blonde
    Cap Details: 
    Circumference: 22"- 22.5"
    Front to Nape: 15"
    Ear to Ear Across Forehead: 12"
    Ear to Ear Over Top: 12.75"
    Temple to Temple Round Back: 16.5"
    Nape of Neck: 5"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    I ordered this wig after a free hour long FaceTime customization consultation with Nel. She was kind, welcoming making me feel very comfortable and my fear and embarrassment dissipated.
    She asked me usual color, length and style most recently and over the years. She asked me pertinent questions about what made me feel confident and most of all what were the things I disliked the most.

    I had selected 3 possibilities. After the consultation she immediately said the first one would not meet my expectations and it was the most expensive one.

    I explained I needed height and lift because my face is so round due to medication's. She customized the lift for me. I explained I liked a lot of layers and she did that for me. I expressed a concern of my age of 55 trying to wear a 28 inch wig. We discussed this and I decided a more appropriate length for me would be 22 inches and she took care of that for me. I also face certain challenges with illness and we discussed density of selections of her wigs. The one I had chosen and she thought would be great for my skin color and shape of my face and not be so shocking to me was thicker so she stated she could thin it And she did that for me.
    I needed this wig for an important event a milestone of sorts. She understood the significance of what that meant to me as a human being. She shipped it rushed to make sure I got it since my event was three days later.

    Within 48 hours I received this beautiful customized and styled wig--she cut the lace for me and it was the right color and the right length and she added lift and she added layers. She thinned the wig It very light and comfortable. No cap itching. Not hot. The cap has tabs that gives you an inch or two to make smaller or larger. She also included an additional strap since this was my first time going out in public or ever wearing a wig for that matter.
    During our consultation which is prior to me making my final selection and customization requests she showed me how to properly pick up a wig, wig care with brushing starting from the bottom, how to place my head in the lace and the front against my natural hairline and reaching behind my head for the comb and putting it underneath the wig/grip combo she recommended. It worked perfectly to secure the wig. There were an additional two combs one on either side and there's also ear tabs for adjustments.
    She also explained how to store my wig after I took it off and brush it properly. She spent about 10 minutes discussing styling techniques with me and discussing what heat I can do and what things I could not. She didn't have to do all that on a Sunday but she did. My wig felt as natural to me as the hair I used to have an abundance. Because of that I felt more like me and I acted more like me and in a very short period of time I was smiling and laughing and 30 minutes of my long awaited Event I forgot I was even wearing a wig, I was just me.

    If you are looking for an affordable, comfortable, well constructed, vibrant, no shedding, well constructed cap, that is personalized by a free consultation and customizations whether it's just one such as lift or two such as lift and length or multiple lift, layers, curtain bangs, thinning… This is where you should be.
    Customer service is beyond the highest rating. She doesn't have an invisible staff only available via email. You have direct access to her. I did not have any problems or questions because she took care of all of that. AND VERY AFFORDABLE!!
    I am grateful to have her as an advocate for me so that over time and with additional help from others I might be able to find me again.
    I cannot rate quality, care, personalization and products high enough. I'm very grateful!