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    Say hello to hassle-free wig wear and embrace the freedom to move, dance, and live without the fear of your wig slipping. The Nel’sWigs Reusable Wig Cap is your ticket to a confident, carefree wig-wearing experience. Don't miss out – make this game-changing accessory a part of your wig routine today!

    1. Gently pull the wig cap over your head, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.
    2. Adjust the cap as needed to cover your entire head, ensuring all your hair is tucked in.
    3. Place your wig over the wig cap, securing it with clips if necessary.
    4. Style your wig as desired and step out with confidence, knowing it'll stay in place all day long.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Amanda mono

    Excellent customer service, beautiful wig just a little to light for me but definitely will buy another in the future when Nel comes out with dark brown with highlights mono 🙏

    Glad I purchased this

    I love the construction of this. The front lace part is double layered and that prevents it from "folding" when you slip it on, reducing the bulk on the frontal piece of the wig you're wearing. I highly recommend giving this a try especially when you're in search of a good wig cap combo to hold your biohair in.


    Super comfortable and it holds my wigs perfectly.